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  • ph creep figures

    if i recall the ph creep for dry hop additions is about .1 or .15 units per # per bbl. that about right?

    and im wondering if there is any difference between the effect when you dry hop on the cold side and when its hot side additions like whirlpool, hopstand, etc. i cant really think of any reason why there would be a difference, but it never hurts to ask.

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    cmon, nobody?


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      No idea, but

      Why are you that concerned?

      What do you intend to do about any creep

      And more to the point - how much difference in flavour due to pH change alone are you going to notice?

      And finally - how repeatable are your current end of ferm / in package pHs ?

      Even the internationals I have worked with have a tolerance of + / - 0.2 or 0.3 pH units


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        I think .2 or .3 is noticeable in the hoppy stuff. As an onsite i dont worry about packaging. But i still have some recipes that just taste better when we can bring the ph down a nudge. Mostly with regards to lagers, which finish higher than ales to begin with so im not understanding why this would seem crazy.