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Scaling up hop utilization in Beertools Pro

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  • Scaling up hop utilization in Beertools Pro

    Anyone know how to scale up hop utilization in Beertools Pro?

    going from 10 gallon to 3 BBL in a Bubba's Barrels 3BBL (130gal) Boil kettle.


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    You can make a custom utilization curve in beer tools pro 2.0. But I find that its easier to just pull out some hops from additions longer than 30 minutes. As an example, we are 15% higher in IBU on a 10bbl than on our pilot house, with beer tools mostly hitting the numbers on the small scale, I will pull 15% of the bittering acids out of our 60 minute additions to bring the recipe back into spec. We have learned this from brewing test batches on both systems and comparing the numbers. This is really the only effective way to figure it out since each kettle acts a little differently.


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      Thanks for your reply

      The response I got from BTP support was to add the percent increase to the curve. I.E. 125% increase to 25% is 31% in the curve.