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Conversion of Whirlpool & Dry Hop from T90 - T45 pellets

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  • Conversion of Whirlpool & Dry Hop from T90 - T45 pellets

    Hi all, first post be kind! :-)

    Due to a shortage of T90's in a couple of our favorite varieties we're looking at T45 pellets. We do primarily (and often exclusively) whirlpool bittering additions and heavy dry hop ratios in most of our beers, so I'm curious if anyone has any real life experience in conversion from T90 to T45 in those situations.

    The research I've done so far suggests we might be able to get some improved results via T45 with the reduced vegetal matter, I don't know why we hadn't thought of it before...probably just habit from our old homebrew days.

    To those who have made the same beer with T90's then converted that recipe to T45...what changes did you find yourself making? I understand if the AA% on the T45 is higher then you'd just adjust for IBU accordingly...but we do our whirlpool around 180F so it's not just about isomerisation, and of course the dry hop is all about the oils rather than IBU.