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Interesting Article on 6 New Types of Beer Hops

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  • Interesting Article on 6 New Types of Beer Hops

    Get to Know 6 New Types of Beer Hops
    By Mark Stock
    Via - The Manual
    Keeping pace with the beer hop scene can be as challenging as predicting the next culinary trend or Kanye West outburst.
    There are scores of varieties, from the ever-popular Cascade to the lesser-known Lotus. Brewers work with the bitterness-imparting cones like a cook works with spices, dabbling here and there with different types, ratios, and, of course, results. These lovely nuggets do much more than just adjust bitterness units, they offer brightness and tons of unique flavors and fragrances.
    With labs all over the country constantly researching and developing new beer hop types, we’d thought it would be a good idea to break down a few emerging styles.
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