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How can I improve my dry hopping effectivness?

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  • How can I improve my dry hopping effectivness?

    I am disappointed with the effectiveness of my dry hopping, its just never as punchy and fresh as I think it should be. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!
    At present I am dry hopping with hop socks through the port on the top of my uni tanks nearing the end of fermentation. I then leave the temperature at ferment temp for about 4 more days then cold crash, carbonate, biofine and keg.
    I dont recirculate with a pump after dry hopping but I try to get the beer rolling with my carb stone to mix my biofine through.

    I am tempted to not use hop socks and pour the hops straight into the FV.
    I have just never done this and am not sure what issues I will encounter when kegging straight from the uni tank with hop pellets floating around the beer. Do others do this?

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    I think your issue is that you dry hop with hops in sock.

    Hops expand and do not let beer come in contact with hops in the middle of the sock.

    Try dry hopping with loose hops.


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      If you are putting Galaxy in those hop socks please just skip the hassle and mail them to me, because they won't be doing much good in that sock.

      Definitely put them in loose.
      Wait till ferm has reached FG, drop as much yeast as you can out of the bottom, then drop in your hops. The hops should kick up a little more activity so hold your tank at ferm temp for a few days. On the 3rd day start dropping hops out the bottom again to avoid any Vegetal flavors.


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        I'd suggest you check out this website/ and follow the link to the thesis of Peter Wolfe. TL;DR: if you've got the option of circulating, then consider that, as it will increase the extraction of hop aroma's significantly.