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AB to launch American Ale

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  • AB to launch American Ale

    I saw this on the news today [URL=""]

    The rumor is that it will be an Amber ale, hopped with Cascades. It is supposed to be the same ale that AB considered launching back in 1997 to compete with Sam Adams.

    Now, does this have something to do with the scarcity of Cascade hops now? And did rumors of AB getting ready to launch this beer back in 1997 have anything to do with the oversupply of Cascade hops in the years after 1997?
    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN

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    I was told by a reputable hop supplier that the Cascade glut was indeed due to a big brewer's intention to use them, then backing out. No names were included in the conversation, but this makes sense.


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      AB American Ale

      They still won't be able to mimick that craft flavor. Most of the micro-styles I have tried that they have come out with are still so watery and thin. They are really scared of the craft movement, and they should be!!!\

      Michael Uhrich
      Carter's Brewing
      Billings, Montana


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        I must grudgingly admit that they are very capable of producing good beer. While most of what the mass-market is "thin and watery", the Michelob 4 crafts are really not bad. I wouldn't ever buy them for the same reason i will not shop at Wal-Mart. But, while living in St. Louis i met a brewer for them that brewed on 10 BBL system, all he did was experimental brews for A-B and this guy knew good beer. He always had an A-B product in front of him, but lets just say i was not drinking two pints of my beer at the same time when i sat next to him.

        Moral of my ramblings: Don't underestimate the big guys, they have absorbed a lot of knowledge from all of the smaller breweries they have gobbled up... i.e. Redhook
        Jeff Byrne


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          Don't ever underestimate the knowledge of the big comparison, the craft breweries are mostly technical fools. It's not that they have absorbed their knowledge from the smaller breweries.
          That is absolutely not the issue. It is the stockholders' profits that hold them back. It is not efficient for them to make an Opaque Pumpernickel Stout, or even a Sam Adams. It is about mass production, mass marketing, and mass distribution. If it can't be made to the scale that can be sold in Super Bowl ads, it won't be profitable enough for them. The profitability is the only thing keeping them in check. Your investors may be passionate about the beer you make, but their investors are only passionate about the money they dang well better be making.
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