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  • Evaluating Hops

    Due to the hop shortage and no buying power, I will not be able to contract some of the hop varieties that I use until 2012! I have contracted some other varieties as substitutes that I have not used before. So I am going to make hop teas of each hop variety so I can taste and smell the differences and the similarities.

    Has anyone done this before? If so, what temp. should the tea be made at?

    Are there any other tests that I can do?

    I will brew full batches with the substitute hops but any homework will help me feel more confident in the hop changes.


    Travis Zeilstra
    Montana Brewing Co.

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    Hop Teas

    Hi Travis,

    I recommend hop teas for sensory evaluation of pelletized hops. I have just used warm water (maybe 110F) in a pitcher and then a small handful of pellets. Give the pitcher some swirls and the pellets should disolve. The aromatics are pretty good. You can also do a pellet hop rub. Warm the pellets up in your hands by cupping and then attempt to mash them up with both hands. Between both methods you should have a good sensory understanding of these substitutes.

    Good Luck!
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    Mike Jordan
    Boxing Cat Brewery
    Shanghai, P.R. China


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      And, of course, there is always the basic analysis of particular compounds within the hops that may help you assemble the parameters of your substitutions... Co-hume, Beta, Alpha, Myrcene,Humulene, etc...
      Of course, it all depends on which beer styles you are brewing...