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  • Spear Removal

    Anyone have experience in removing these spears. They are threaded into the top and can be loosened but are restricted underneath preventing removal.

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    I'm not familiar with "Das Keg Plus" but if they are the same as regular straight side sankey with threads then you really need a special tool to remove these spears and the tool is not cheap. There is a little locking clip beneath the threads. This clip is disengaged when the tool pushes down on the whole rubber seal not just the ball. It is possible to do it without the tool but it's not easy. You have to depress the seal while pulling up on the spear at the same time.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks for the help. We are still not having any luck.

      Is the tool you mentioned similar to the one sold by ST. Pats?


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        spear removel

        To unlock the tabs Place two quarters together on the SS ball and gasket engage a standard tap then pull the spear.


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          Good trick/tip from midwbrewer. That should work.

          I looked at that tool from ST Pats. Its not the tool I'm talking about. That tool is for kegs with drop in spears with rings not screw in spears. I really don't see the point of that tool. All you reall need is the ring removal tool.

          Sorry I don't remember where you can get the right tool. Try the tip from midwbrewer. Sometimes that locking clip can get stuck so I'll take the fat end of a screwdriver and push down on the seal as far as it will go several times.


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            I think the original poster is talking about the little spring loaded wedge that flips out underneath a threaded keg spear. When you dial the spear into the keg, the wedge pops out and prevents the spear from being removed.

            I'm pretty sure if you call Ben at he'll have some nifty trick to pull that spear all the way out. If i had to guess, I'd take a feeler guage or other thin metal part to hold the wedge closed to remove the whole spear.


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              I too have been having a heck of time with the locking threaded sankey spears; like the safety aspect but a PITA for the brewery when we want to do inspections. Checked with MicroMatic and was told $800 to fabricate the removal tool (they don't keep it stocked apparently), and a 6-18 week lead time.
              Any recommendations for another vendor are most welcome! (or a good trick for doing 20+ of these at a go)

              Edit: 3/25/12
              Ended up using a buddy's big drill press. We removed the spear, spring and all in a gory mess of rubber gasket bits and steel shavings. Was cheaper to swap out for different extractor tubes than buy that proprietary tool.
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                Is anyone familiar with where to get the spear gasket for these type of kegs? I tried the regular gaskets but they get eaten up.



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                  Originally posted by thrillhouse900 View Post
                  Is anyone familiar with where to get the spear gasket for these type of kegs? I tried the regular gaskets but they get eaten up.

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