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    I would like to use non returnable kegs for my retail customers. Best price I have seen is $15 per keg. Is anyone using anything less expensive than that? I think $10 is all my market would support, but I can't find anything close to that. If you are using more expensive one way kegs, how do you convince a consumer to spend more money than they are already paying for craft beer?

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    You probably cannot convince people to spend more for something that they have to pay to landfill. There's a reason why most kegs are returnable & refillable. I was faced with a similar issue of supplying keg beer for one-way import to the US. Obviously not going to ship empty kegs back from US when emptied. I did not buy garbage for the job. I found someone who needed new kegs and arranged for them to purchase the kegs when empty. They got a great deal on kegs without the import duties/taxes/tariffs as those were paid already with the beer. We got nearly free cooperage to send the beer. Win-win. I would think that you could partner with someone that would supply clean kegs at $10-15 each if they were already in your distributor's cooperage pool. I don't think there are many good reasons to use non-returnable kegs. Nor Solo cups for a tasting room. Easy way to save money. Just my two bits...
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      Has anyone got any feedback on Ecofass plastic re-useable kegs with single use spear/bag assemblies ?