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Protein Deposits on kegs

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  • Protein Deposits on kegs

    We are having trouble with a sandy feeling white residue inside our kegs. Caustic won't remove it, nor will acid based solutions. Bleach dissolves it immediately. So, this says protein to me. Anybody else having this problem? How do I fix it? Several cleaning cycles with fresh caustic will eventually start to cut it. There has to be a better solution. Thanks for your help!


    Ken Johnson
    Fearless Brewing Company

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    You need to stop using bleach as the chlorine (assuming chlorine based bleach) is liable to corrode the stainless steel, most likely because of the lack of thickness, and loads of crevices at seals etc. this will be visible first on the spears. Does your water have lots of temporary hardness, and you are using it untreated? This will mix with the protein and cause rapid accumulation. Does your keg washer have an air purge before the detergent cycle? This will also react with some detergents and cause material to precipitate out. Are you using formulated detergent or simple caustic? I suggest you get a water analysis if you don't already have one, and contact the detergent supplier - they should have decent reps you can talk to and get them to help sort out the problem. If they haven't, or cannot - find yourself one of the big reputable suppliers. Their chemicals may cost a bit more, but that's what you pay for decent support.


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      We determined the bleach was effective by disassembling the kegs and treating the stems. I am well aware that attempting to use bleach in a traditional cleaning effort is a bad idea. We have very soft water. Yes, we have our water evaluated every 6 months. Our supplier is AFCO. They haven't been able to fix this past telling us to use more caustic. Finding an effective supplier/chemical was the entire nature of my message. Now that we've come completely back around to where we started Dick. Do you have a suggestion on what to use to remedy the problem?



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        Is it just the spears, or the whole keg internal surface with scale?