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  • kegging nitrogenated beer

    We have been force nitrogenating our stout in kegs. It's kind of a pain doing it this way and I'm always concerned we will have inconsistencies from keg to keg.
    I understand the process of nitrogenating in a brite or unitank but what I'm not sure of is how to successfully fill a keg. Since nitrogen wants to leave suspension rapidly won't all of it just leave the beer and exit the keg during racking?

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    Are you kegging for a brewpub? If so, have you considered NitroBrew? You can fill your kegs with flat (post fermentation, but not force carbonated) beer and infuse nitrogen at the point of dispense. This eliminates the need to handle Nitrogenated kegs.

    Alternately, if you desire an upstream solution (as opposed to a point-of-dispense nitrogenation), QuantiPerm’s xFlow technology will allow you to directly fill kegs as you are infusing nitrogen while filling at about 3 minutes per keg.

    Both systems remove the inconsistency from keg to keg and deliver the required amount of Nitrogen every time.
    Mechanical Engineer, QuantiPerm