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max working pressure 43.5psi instead of 60psi?

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  • max working pressure 43.5psi instead of 60psi?

    Does anyone have any experience with kegs that have a lower than expected max working pressure stamped on them? All my kegs are rated to the standard 60psi, but we're looking at getting some Eco Kegs from Schafer (see link) that have a max working pressure of just 43.5psi. Do these kegs hold up as well as the traditional stainless steel kegs? Anyone have any problems over-pressurizing these with a poorly built keg washer?
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    We have been using Eco-Kegs since 2015. We currently have a fleet of approximately 5000 Eco-Kegs. They are superior to other kegs I have used. The chimes do not chip floors, reduce weight, easily stacked, colored chimes increase market visibility, and are easy to fix when the typical distributor abuse cracks them. We replace approximately about 20 chimes/year. The pro of replacing a chime as opposed to a metal chime is that the keg is still usable as new once the chime is replaced....whereas a bent metal chime has some potential issues. Additionally, I believe they kegs are less susceptible to theft.
    Our current keg washers are a Semi-Auto Premier Stanless 2 head and a Semi-Auto Brewfab 4 head. We haven't experienced any issues with pressure.
    Of course, one of the most important points beyond keg quality is excellent customer service. Schaefer is quick to respond, quick to fulfill, and they are stable manufacturer.
    Hope this helps. Cheers!


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      We've been using the Schaefer Eco-Keg for over 10 years now and I will echo the statements above, these kegs are bullet proof. These kegs are light, stackable and I was skeptical about the chimes, but they too are bulletproof...we only self distribute these and have never broken a chime and they take the usual abuse of sliding on resin floor with no problems. If you get a choice of spear, go with DSI as I feel their quality is far above cannot go wrong with these kegs. Our keg washer is a 3 head Premier. I'll also second that they are a great company to deal with.

      3 bar is pretty standard max working pressue for a keg and I don't see why you would want to be going anywhere near it, let alone above that? Pressure kills, so if you have a dodgy keg washer, you need to be fixing that with failsafes or buying a proper unit.
      Jeff Rosenmeier (Rosie)
      Chairman of the Beer
      Lovibonds Brewery Ltd
      Henley-on-Thames, Englandshire
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        Hi Folks, it's good to see that some of our ECO Keg users have been responding to this excellent question.
        As the manufacturer we wanted to offer some clarity on this, as well.

        The ECO KEG is rated at 3 BAR (43.5 PSI) in compliance with DIN standards common in Europe. The kegs are able to withstand much higher pressures and do not structurally vent until a nominal 35 BAR (507 PSI)! Structurally, the Kegs are able to withstand MUCH more pressure than the spears and valves in the kegs are rated for.

        Because the 43.5 PSI value is in excess of anything routinely required, the value stamped on the kegs are standardized at the DIN value of 3 BAR. The working pressure stamped is not the 'maximum'....perhaps it is better expressed as 'suggested'. The less pressure applied to any vessel over time the better, but the ECO kegs are capable of working at 60 PSI, more or less 4 BAR. We simply do not stamp them that way for the sake of standardization. If the keg washer isn't blowing out spears and valves on anything else then we would be GREATLY surprised to see any such thing happen with ECO Kegs.

        Great question......Cheers!
        Richard Winslow
        Schaefer Container Systems
        Schaefer Container Systems NA
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          I might as well chime in (ouch!) on these too. I have been using them since 2014 (all self-distributed). I have not had a single chime break nor have I had any problems with any of the spears (micromatic). I'm using the ECO on sixtels only. My 1/2 bbls are also schaefer but the SUDEX. All high quality, IMO.

          Dave Cowie
          Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company
          Nevada City, CA


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            We have been using Eco kegs since 2014 at Warped Wing Brewing Co. No issues. Self distributed, etc. Great product. Would definitely recommend.