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Brewmation/Stout Gladiator keg washer?

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  • John@Brewmation
    Hi there, John from Brewmation here. Just wanted to jump in with a couple of answers.

    Yes, you can easily change the cycle timing. All of the parameters are customizable per keg type, so you can configure it however you want and save the setting for different size kegs. It come pre-set with the settings that we have found to work, but if your process varies for whatever reason, it's no problem for you to change the settings. No need to send a programmer.

    More info here:

    It's a workhorse, and I think our customers have been happy with them...I haven't heard otherwise, and we have a lot of these out in the field. Please feel free to shoot over any more questions, or email me at if you want to talk to one of our Brewery Specialists.



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  • TGTimm
    started a topic Brewmation/Stout Gladiator keg washer?

    Brewmation/Stout Gladiator keg washer?

    Does anyone here have one of these? How do you like it? Can one change the cycle timing easily?

    Our current keg washer doesn't have a long enough cleaning cycle--and it's a single-head. To change the timing would require the factory sending a programmer out here.