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CO2 pressure and change in temperature

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  • CO2 pressure and change in temperature

    Hi everyone,
    I'm writing from the Brasserie Neptune, located in Grenoble in the french Alps.
    I've just started kegging, and I'm having a hard time.

    Let me explain my process:
    I carb my fermenters through a carb stone at 12 psi and 35.6 F. It works really well, and when I try it though the sampling port I'm happy with the result. When I fill my kegs I leave the same pressure (12 psi) in the keg.
    We don't have a cold box right now, as it is common in France: the kegs are then transfered in our basement to be connected to the bar through a beer line that is chilled on line. The kegs are at ambient temp after a few days (around 66

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    You seem to only given us half the story. That appears to be the process you use. What is the query?