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CO2 pressure and change in temperature

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  • dick murton
    You seem to only given us half the story. That appears to be the process you use. What is the query?

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  • nickycalder
    started a topic CO2 pressure and change in temperature

    CO2 pressure and change in temperature

    Hi everyone,
    I'm writing from the Brasserie Neptune, located in Grenoble in the french Alps.
    I've just started kegging, and I'm having a hard time.

    Let me explain my process:
    I carb my fermenters through a carb stone at 12 psi and 35.6 F. It works really well, and when I try it though the sampling port I'm happy with the result. When I fill my kegs I leave the same pressure (12 psi) in the keg.
    We don't have a cold box right now, as it is common in France: the kegs are then transfered in our basement to be connected to the bar through a beer line that is chilled on line. The kegs are at ambient temp after a few days (around 66