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Force carbonating kegs right pressure ?

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  • Force carbonating kegs right pressure ?

    Hiya all,
    I'm have a few problems getting the right pressure in my kegs. Last batch was way too much, big mess up. Can't afford to screw this next batch up.

    I'm using 20L and 30L kegs. Whats the correct pressure and time to force carbonate kegs?

    I don't have a cold room so the kegs after force carbonation are stored at room temp, around 20 degrees Celsius. I can how ever chill the kegs down to 2 degrees celsius if needed for the force carbonation process??? Once forced they will be stored again at 20 degrees until tapped.

    Is it recommended to lower the temp to force carbonate? Or should I just do it at 20 degrees?

    Unfortunately I don't have isobaric fermentors so beer is racked into kegs after primary fermentation is complete then I need to force the c02 into it.

    Any help mucha appreciated as my current process does not work


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    What did you figure out? This is a lot like what I am looking at doing

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      Using something like this works well for us.