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Balancing simple draft system

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  • Balancing simple draft system

    I've been tasked with rehabbing our draft system before our re-branding/grand opening the weekend of Thanksgiving. I know a bit about draft systems but am far from an expert, our system has always been decent due to it's simplicity but has had it's hiccups and I'd like those to be a thing of the past.

    It's direct draw, from a 10X10 walk-in directly behind the tap wall, kept at 36*, so lines can be as short or long as necessary. Most beers will be served in the 2.4-2.7 volume range. Currently there is a mixture of line lengths/diameters/types. Each line has it's own secondary co2 regulator. Taps and faucets are in decent shape, but I'd like to make line lengths/type/diameter uniform.

    Shopping around for tubing this morning and doing a bunch of math, all starting to run together and I've got no idea what direction to go and I'd like to get this right in one shot. What's the preferred tubing diameter when length isn't an issue? What's the best tubing type to go with these days? Soda line/vs beer line? We will be serving more sour/low pH beers than anything in the new set-up if that makes a difference.