Hey guys,

I'm just taking over operations at a new 15bbl production facility and their keg washer set-up has me a little stumped. They've got a "C3 Keg Cleaning Machine" that I can't find any information on anywhere. It's Chinese and they've got no contact with the people they bought it from.

The cleaner is set-up for steam sterilization but the machine wants 35-40psi sterile steam and the brewery only has a 15psi boiler. That siad, they have things rigged up to run peracetic acid as a sani-cycle after the caustic cycle. The big issue here is that they/I can't figure out how to add another clean water wash cycle between the caustic and new sani cycle, so its rinsing hot caustic with the sani.

Anyone have one of these, or experience with one, that might be able to help me out with re-programming the thing or another option? I'm leanign towards talkign them into sellign it and buying a non-steam keg washer but its gonna be at least a few weeks before thats a possibility.