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  • Keg confusion

    Looking for some feedback.

    We have a half barrel keg that will only send gas up to the fob on our draft system and not pour out the tap. We put a different keg on the same line and it worked fine.

    Easy answer is there is something messed up in the spear correct? (At least that was our first thought)

    We put on a hand pump/party tap to the assumed defective keg and it

    1.) sprayed beer as we were putting it on, so the keg was pressurized, and

    2.) poured a perfect glass by using the hand pump.

    Does this make any sense to anybody, and if so, can you give us any explanation as to what may be going on?


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    Are the beer out and CO2 in lines connected properly on the coupler? Beer out, center, CO2 in, side.

    Otherwise, the spear may be broken off. If the keg was overfilled, the party pump might have delivered a few beers without the spear. I've seen this a couple of times.

    The valves on the keg may also be stuck, allowing CO2 out through the center when tapped.
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      From what I can tell the coupler lines are connected correctly because we can put a different keg on the same line and it pours as it should.

      The issue seems to be something within the keg in question somewhere.

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        I believe it's the spear problem ,you can try replace the spear and see if it works
        By the way ,if you need news kegs ,feel free contact me or +86-15968945186

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