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Keg sanitizing method

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  • Keg sanitizing method

    What is the preferred method of sanitizing kegs after a cleaning cycle with a keg washer? A reservoir and pump for the PA or a dosing valve? I have a DIY keg washer that currently has the reservoir and pump.

    I have a DIY keg washer that's loosely modeled after a commercial (purpose built) one that I had worked with in the past. One change that I made was to add a second reservoir and pump for the Peracedic Acid cycle which allows us to reclaim and reuse the PAA. This method works okay but we need to keep testing the PAA to make sure it's still working and replace as needed. There are also a few other steps that are involved with this method that add time to the process.
    I'm considering replacing the reservoir and pump with the exact model dosing valve that comes on the commercial unit I mentioned. My concern is with the water pressure. If the water pressure fluctuates will that effect the dosing rate of the PAA?

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    Since you haven't told us what the design of the dosing pump etc etc is, how can we possibly comment?