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Mouse bait ok to use around grain?

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  • Mouse bait ok to use around grain?

    We are starting to get a bit of the ol' mouse problem going and sticky traps aren't doing the job of preventing some buggers munching on my malt bags. Are mouse baits/poisons ok to use around grain? Worried about them eating the bait then eating grain and getting the chemicals into the malt. Is this a issue, or maybe more so a specific brand/type of bait issue? The baits I see at the local agro places say don't use near food handling equipment.

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    We use some stuff called "Just One Bite" in the malt room. It's a solid bar, and goes into a plastic box that's pretty hard for anything larger than a small rat to get into. We've been inspected by Oregon's Dept. of Health and Dept. of Ag, and neither has said anything about the baits.

    Our malt room is separate from our mill room--I don't know if this matters.

    We also use a couple of old-school hair-ball style mousetraps, which the inspectors don't want to know about.
    Timm Turrentine

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      Pest control

      We hires a local pest control company. Our brewery is located out in the country and field mice are a problem. They come out every other month and charge $85 per visit. It's important to set baits both inside and outside the building. It helps to get rid of them before they get in. The baits are in heavy duty plastic boxes and placed at the junction of the floor and wall or in the corner. Mice tend to travel along the base of the wall. The Dept. of Agriculture guy was impressed we had a service set up.

      Joe H
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