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Super Sack/Bulk Grain handling lift

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  • Super Sack/Bulk Grain handling lift

    We are currently not quite big enough to justify having a silo for our base malt, so we get it in 2500lb super sacks. We're currently just ripping the top of the sacks open and manually measuring grain out into bins on a scale, and then dumping those bins into our mill. This process is time consuming and exhausting to say the least. I've seen many different types of lifts for super sacks, wondering if anyone has any suggestions for brands/manufacturers to check out. We need something that can be loaded with a pallet jack, and manual lift is totally fine. Also a short auger run to our mill and some sort of scale or flow meter would be nice too. Our malt room also has a somewhat low ceiling, around 13ft where the lift would go.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Hanging the sack above the mill on load cells or putting a Weighing dump hopper on the mill seems like two good solutions for weighing. I would install a 3000lb sliding rail crane on the celing to get it there.
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