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Hanging Plastic Grist Case Above Mash Tun

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  • Hanging Plastic Grist Case Above Mash Tun

    We're thinking about hanging a plastic tank like this ( above our mash tun to use as a grist case. Does anyone have any experience in doing something like this, and any advice to give? Specifically, I'm looking for the best way to hang the tank, any issues with what I'm proposing, and connection ideas for the bottom of the tank to a 4" grist hydrator. I'm currently researching what the steel beams for the roof can hold, as it's a moot point if the weight would collapse the roof. Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions/advice!


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    Lots of ways to do this, but they all depend on you building and amount of space around your brewhouse.

    Think steel angle secured through the trusses/steel to create a location to drop 1/2" threaded rod... But some sort of frame would be required to support the tank...

    You may be better off with an auger system that just dumps in...less to think about.

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