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Enzymes causing dry beer

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  • Enzymes causing dry beer

    I have been using bioglucanase GB to help with grain efficiency issues. It has defiantly helped with run off and volume but I find our beers are drier since using the enzyme. wondering if there is a way around our beers drying out. I do a step mash initial mash is 2/3 water at 140F rest with .015% Bioglucanse to mash ratio for 30 min. Then water up the last 1/3 to reach desired final rest temp and rest for another 30 min. Any suggestions and or comments are appreciated. I have a 15 bbl system and our mash tun is insulated. I originally put this on another thread but it was old so I thought it would be better suited here.

    Piper Gladwill
    Master Brewer
    Golden Valley Brewery

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    The mash temperature is too low and is favouring the beta amylase and not denaturing it fast enough to prevent over production of maltose in preference to unfermentable sugars. The time you have allowed is not far short of the time we used to allow at 65 C for a couple of our beers (40 minutes). Try increasing your initial mash temperature to around 149 F (65 C). Adjust upwards by a degree at a time if still thin, down a degree at a time if the attenuation limit is too high. It sounds as though you are producing a thick mash initially, which also helps to protect enzyme activity.