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Storage conditions of wheat malt

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  • Storage conditions of wheat malt

    Hello, I´m wondering if you can give me information regarding the storage conditions of wheat malt and other hints of it´s difference with the usual barley malt.
    Considering the lack of husk on wheat malt, what´s the average time of storage in good conditions?

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    Storage Conditions for Malted Wheat

    We do not see a significant difference in the storage requirements of malted wheat vs. barley.

    As a general rule of thumb, malted barley and wheat can be stored for as long as one year months under ideal conditions i.e., a cool, dry place free of insects and rodents. Most storage conditions are not this ideal however. You should therefore aim to store your malt no longer than six months if possible.

    Additionally, because wheat is a "naked" grain it is more readily harmed than normal husked barley by mechanical handling.


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      old malt

      I suspect I know the answer to my own question, buy I have a couple of bags of pale malt that are just over a year old. They have both been stored at 70 degrees F indoors. I would hate to have to throw them out, especially because they are no longer commercially available in the US. Should they be thrown out? What sorts of flavor issues would result from using them?