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Mounting a grist case outside

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  • Mounting a grist case outside

    I have a question pertaining to our upcoming grist case. We are very limited on space in our new brew house and was wondering if anyone had any pro's and con's to mounting our grist case on the outside of the building. We have a height of 10 feet 6" in the new addition and our new 10 barrel mash tun sits at 8 feet 6" to the top of the rakes and plows motor. With that being said we have no room to mount the grist case above the mash tun. We have looked into mounting the grist case on the floor next to the mash tun but this would really limit us on floor space. Our next thought would be to mount the grist case on the roof and pipe through the roof down and into the mash tun. I have searched for images of other breweries doing this and haven't come across any. Challenges would be opening the gate to allow the grain to flow down the tube. So back to the questions, Pro's and Con's to mounting the grist case on the exterior and secondly do they make an attachment that would open the grist case gate with a switch from inside the brewery?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Put the mill and grist case on the brewery floor and use an auger to run the grain to the hydrator.


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      Agreed, put it on the ground and auger out. No need to use gravity if you don't have the space. Our setup goes mill->auger->grist case->auger->grist hydrator->mash tun.


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        Put it on the ground as others have said. The roof sounds like a nightmare scenario

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          Mounting a grist case outside

          I wouldn't put it outside unless you are sure you can make all the connections and manway waterproof and the grain won't sit in it overnight. You could build a little house around it to protect it from the elements and not have to worry about making the penetration into the roof watertight, which is not easy and likely to be a maintenance problem.

          Also, can you put the grist gate at the level of the mash tun? Our grist case is above the mash tun but our gate is reachable so we don't need a switch to open it.

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            Unless your outside temps are always higher than your mash-in temp (is your brewery on Venus?), I'd be seriously concerned with condensation within the grist case.

            As others have written, place it inside and use an auger/bucket lift to get the grist to the mash tun.
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              Since floor space is a concern, would it be possible to suspend the grist case from the roof, but off to the side of the mash tun? Run it Mill to auger to grist case to auger to hydrator to mash tun and use the space below the case for some low height storage (malt or chemical storage or something like that).
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                tcash what did you end up doing here? got pics? looking into doing something similar.