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malt weighing from silo to mill

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  • malt weighing from silo to mill

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a manufacturer for some type of in line scale to use when transferring whole malt from a silo to the mill. I'm currently able to feed the mill for our 15bbl system out of 55lb bags from a hatch in the mill room ceiling from the room above. I imagine I could put some kind of scale over the hatch but I have never worked with a system that has a silo so any advice would be appreciated.

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    We have a bin between the silo/supersack and the mill. The bin sits on load cells, which feed an automated weight scale. The scale is set up so it will control the auger from the silo/supersacks and deliver the weight we specify.

    I'll try to get some details later. We had the programming for the scale done by a company in Portland, OR. They should be able to set up another system like ours.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.


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      I used to work on a system with a silo and a fairly complicated delivery system involving 2 flex augers and a bucket elevator. The grist case was on load cells and we had programming which allowed us to set an offset weight to account for the weight of malt left in the system. Basically we could turn off the feed from the auger to the mill 'xx' kg early because there would be 'xx' kg of malt between the mill and the grist case in the bucket elevator and second auger. It would have to be reset every time you changed mill gap setting or silo gate opening as the silo emptied, but it was easy to dial in. On a smaller system it could be much simpler.
      Fred Orndorff
      Rumpus Beer Co.
      Revelstoke, BC


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        Scale Package

        Richard - this is very common expansion step as breweries grow into receiving grain in bulk. ABM Equipment has a neat package that will address scaling from multiple sources and synchronizing with mill rate. Please give us a a call to discuss how it can be tailored to your needs. ABM can also address conveying and/or bulk storage - Dallas (360) 553-9096.