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    Looking at upgrading our current mill to a Crankandstein 328G Geared up mill. We brew 3 bbl batches and wondering the type of success others have had using this mill. Also looking for any drawbacks or problems others have experienced using this mill. Do you have a different mill to suggest? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

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    I went with a Monster MM-2pro SL after my existing mill decided not to feed malt. We have a 4bbl system. Now what I need to do is decide how to gap this mill. Monster suggested 0.030" but this sounds like it would crush way too fine and I'll stick the mash.


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      We just upgraded to the Crankandstein 328G from the non gear driven model. Works great.

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        been using the 320D (non geared). works very nicely, as long as the belt tension is good. i'll vouch for the general quality of the mill, and can only figure the geared version is even better by eliminating that occasional stalled, non-driven roller problem. i'd say go for it. i built the cabinet, cut the holes and stuck the components in place. not too hard and saved a bunch of money.


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          I just built a grain mill using the geared version. We haven't started production yet so I can't comment on the durability, but as long as you have enough power and belt tension, it seems to work well. Keep in mind that the rollers are 8" long vs the 5" that you are currently using, so you'll need close to twice as much motor power at the same gap setting. I have a 1.5 hp motor on mine and I can't get it to crush any tighter than .030-.035. We will be using this mill with our 2bbl pilot system which we batch sparge for simplicity so that gap may be tighter than you'll need anyway.

          I switched to this because I was having some feeding and jamming issues with my Monster-mill and I figured having gears would give me the best shot at preventing those issues.


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            There is almost zero information on their website...

            Out of curiosity, do all the gears have the same number of teeth on the 328G?

            I noticed recently that my two roller is designed so that the rollers rotate at slightly different speeds, and evidently with some mills the rollers rotate at significantly different speeds.



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              I had quite a few discussions with the guy before I was ready to purchase it. In this case they do appear to rotate at the same speed. Two roller and three roller mills that aren't geared together will likely always have the drive roller move slightly faster since the other rollers are just relying on friction to move. That's one of the reasons you eventually have feeding issues with the two and three roller mills since over time the surface of the roller loses its roughness and therefor its friction. This eventually causes it to lag enough behind the drive roller that the grain never goes through the mill.


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                I have the 328g mill and love it. Had to upgrade to a 1hp motor after our 1/2 hp died but it had a long good use for years. I am looking for a larger hopper for it if anyone has leads to fabrication or company that makes them. The one they send with it only holds 11lbs. Looking to go upwards of 50-60 lbs.