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Roller mill from Portland Kettle works?

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  • Roller mill from Portland Kettle works?

    We need to retire our Apollo mill. I am considering a mill from Portland Kettle works. Anybody have any feedback on these. Company is close by, and will install for us so we can keep working. Very small diameter rollers. This has me concerned. I have always thought the bigger the rollers the better.


    Ken Johnson
    Fearless Brewing Company

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    I do not know anything about the mill you mentioned but RMS mills are great.


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      Malt Mill Options

      We have a few malt mill options that may work for you. Here is the direct link:
      We are also conveniently located in Portland, OR. If you have any questions or need anything else, let us know, or drop in for a personal tour. We are always readily available to talk brewing.


      Stout Tanks and Kettles
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      16300 Southwest 72nd Avenue
      Portland, Oregon 97224

      We are the leading supplier of equipment to the craft brewing industry
      (Beer, Kombucha, Wine, Cider, Mead, Cold Brew Coffee)


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        Bigger is better....

        Because the "nip" of the roller angle that introduces grain into the crush is very important. This angle goes down as roller size goes up. But also larger rollers have more surface area to wear. Mills wear over time and the rollers require resurfacing. If the rolls are well-made, that is a difficult process. The incredible hardness of the rolls requires a precision OD grinder to resurface. Mills are definitely NOT all built the same. Suggest some technical reading in classic brewing texts regarding mill design. And agree with thirsty_monk that the RMS is an excellent product.
        Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--