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Grain handling setup that removes chaff

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  • Grain handling setup that removes chaff

    we have a 60,000lb silo that gets filled once a month. Each time our silo is emptied, our last one to two batches we brew off the end of the silo are loaded with chaff and usually yield a beer that has excessive haze issues due to lots of protein being added to the grist. As a result, we always end up having a lot of product rejected by our on premise accounts, as they are used to seeing the beer nice and clear. This is becoming costly.
    To try and solve the problem in the interim, we are going to use bagged malt for the last 5,000 lbs of the silo and blend the silo malt in at a 75% to 25% bagged to silo malt ratio hoping to cut down on the amount of chaff going in those final batches. We have also begun cleaning our silo between fills, however it's nearly spotless once the silo is completely empty, so we don't think that is helping.
    Based upon this issue, I was wondering if anyone knows of any inline conveyance system that can remove chaff as it's headed to our automated weigh hopper? I was thinking maybe some sort of suction device over a screen or something? I can't imagine we are the only ones dealing with this problem. We brew on an Aegir Brewing System which is equipped with a Meura Mash Filter, so it should also be noted that our grist is being pounded into flour, thus very easy for the chaff to mix in. Again, I would think this would affect all brewing operations, not just mash filters, however this is all new to me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    John Hutchings
    Fall River Brewing Company