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Super Sacks for Malt?

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  • Super Sacks for Malt?

    Are any of you out there using Multiple Super Sacks in line to your mill for grain handling?

    I have an idea to put 4 sacks inline above some type of conveying system (Drag, air, auger, etc..) and wondering if those of you that are using them would mind sharing some of your experience. i.e. Manufacturers, suppliers and what type of conveying system you are using.

    Of course the hopper below the sack would need to be able to be closed for proper recipe requirements.

    Jon Lee
    Utah Brewers Co-op
    801-466-8855 ext. 326

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    I store barley in 2205# sacks

    Imported and serviced by Elway Industries out of Houston.
    The sacks are "Crafted in Mexico with Pride" but recyclable except the label that says not to stand under a loaded sack


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      Super Sac conveying

      Try contacting the folks at Deschutes. I've seen their super sac conveying area and thought it looked real slick. I recall each individual super sac is on a load cell carriage. I believe they're happy with it as well.

      Mike Jordan
      Boxing Cat Brewery
      Shanghai, P.R. China


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        I use Super Sacks in three different sizes and have for years. We lift the appropriate size bag over the malt hopper, dump add specialty malts, and mill in. No load cells, no reason to reseal the sack. I get ours from Cargill and their fill rate is always right on.
        Cheers & I'm out!
        David R. Pierce
        NABC & Bank Street Brewhouse
        POB 343
        New Albany, IN 47151


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          I found they worked great as a grist case for a 14 bbl system. Sadly, I had to manually fill it from 36 gal tubs from under the mill as I didn't have enough ceiling height to drop straight in. Some super sacks have bottom dumps, some do not.
          I think your idea sounds great, somewhat like sides of beef hanging on rails, well sort of...Also could double as an extension of your childhood playing with model trains...


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            digging this thread back up.

            Moonlight-How did you use the supersack as a grist case? I'm looking for a cheap grist case option and was thinking about using supersacks somehow. Any info/ideas would be much appreciated.