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Rahr Pale Ale Malt

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  • Rahr Pale Ale Malt

    Anyone ever use it. I have been using Maris Otter for pale ales for years but man, that price looks tempting (.18/lb cheaper). How does it stack up flavor wise? Extraction? and finished beer clarity.



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    I use it with out any problems


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      I'm a big fan and of the opinion that is stacks up very well against the sought after, MO (although I find Golden Promise ever so slightly superior), even in classic English style ales.
      I get efficient extraction and great wort clarity even without filtration (don't have specific numbers on extract or turbidity, we aren't that high tech yet).
      I'm currently using it (a few hundred baches in) on a 3 vessel 30bbl brewhouse and had previously run several brews through at a 1.5bbl nano, and it worked great in both settings.
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        I use it as a base malt for all of my ales. Sometimes I will mix in a a bag or 2 of maris otter. Runoff is good and extraction efficiencies are also good.

        Jim Lieb
        Rocky River Brewing Co.


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          I used primarily Rahr 2 row as my most common base malt for 4 years. For the most part it was good. It is high in SMM and required a vigorous boil to drive off the DMS pre-cursor. Also, this year I experienced some issues with varying kernel size in the rahr, not a huge deal but I really had to pay attention and adjust the mill gap accordingly. I since have switched to Gambrinus pale malt. Gambrinus ESB-Pale is great too, a blend of the 2 yields a marris-esque profile. Also, I second the Golden Promise, it is my favorite base malt overall. Hope this feedback helps.