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Baird's Vienna Malt - any good?

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  • Baird's Vienna Malt - any good?

    Thinking of using this malt as a base in an upcoming one-off. Anyone used it? Liked it? Hated it?

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    Baird's Vienna malt

    Just my 2 cents worth on this one, hopefully not too too late to be of use. We use it consistently since February of this year. Typical Efficiency using most base malts (CMC Pale, Briess Pale, Great Western Pale) is between 82-86%. When using the Baird's Vienna malt, we are seeing slight drops in efficiency (81-83%) when creating American Amber style and High Gravity Red Rye Ale with 25% Rye. It seems as though the malt is lacking a little of the stereotypical German Vienna richness, but overall a fairly consistent grain that provides nice complexity to otherwise mundane beer styles. Limited experience on our end, other than Weyermann which we really prefer; but for the cost savings an acceptable trade off on grains.