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Preferred Dark Malt for India Black Ale/Black IPA/ CAscadian Dark Ale/Whatever

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  • Preferred Dark Malt for India Black Ale/Black IPA/ CAscadian Dark Ale/Whatever

    I've experienced good results with Midnight Wheat, Carafa, and Sinmar Extract, all of which give minimal roast/coffee flavors and really allow the hop usage to show very clearly and forcefully.
    Anyone have any experience with other malt varieties that contribute color with minimal highly-kilned malt flavor characteristics?

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    Looks like you have most of the black color only Malts covered with your post. Are you searching for an alternative? De-bittered black malt could be an option from Dingemans.

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      I tend to like a little bit of chocolate flavor in my black IPAs.
      We will generally use chocolate and Briess Blackprinz (or a debittered black malt) for chocolate body and color without astringency or roastiness.
      Caramel malts add some body, color and sweetness as well.


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        I'll second the Briess Blackprinz. I've used it in the last few iterations of Black IPA I've made, and for me it's just the right combination of intense darkness and restrained roast flavor. I used Carafa III before that, and it was also very good.


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          +1 for blackprinz. I'd buy one of the carafas, but we use Country Malt so no Weyermann. The breiss blackprinz seems to be an excellent substitute and our black IPA, CDA... whatever the politically correct term is these days is one of our most acclaimed beers.


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            Briess Midnight Wheat is also really nice.