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Storing Milled Grain

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  • Storing Milled Grain

    We plan to start milling our grain ahead of time to save some time on brew days. I was wondering if we need to be storing the grain in any sort of special containers, or are home depot cans ok? I see cans that are USDA, FDA and/or NSF listed, as well as a very wide price spread. We don't want to buy more than we need but also don't want to violate food safety rules.

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    how far ahead of time are you looking to mill a day week month. you need to watch out for oxidation on milled grain longer then a week. as far at containers I use 18 gal sterilite tubs with lids for stacking.


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      I always milled day before and just milled back into the grain bag and set on platform. that was the 10bbl at Dock Street. I am at Doylestown now, but we had a grist case built for us for about 3500(I think). That was also using barn wood and other features to make it look fancy. That is mostly because our space we can't have a whole bunch of dust, so an auger was also built. I have the stout kettle and tank system, which i think you have as well