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Simpsons aromatic malt for pH adjustment

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  • Simpsons aromatic malt for pH adjustment

    Browsing the Simpsons catalog I was intrigued by the description of the Aromatic malt:

    "The secret weapon in the British Ale Brewer’s arsenal, our aromatic malt has a slightly higher acidity to balance pH"

    Anyone use it like this, compared to just good old Weyermann Acid malt?

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    Huh... I've never heard of Aromatic being used to change the pH of a mash, but it is possible... I use it in my American IPA and my DIPA. I think of Aromatic as being a version of Biscuit malt with wider shoulders, and use it as such. Aromatic is pretty intense, so I cannot imagine using it in quantity enough to effect a batch's pH all that much.
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