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    I will be opening a 30bbl brewery in a couple months and am starting to look for grain suppliers. We are situated in South Florida and typically brew American style ales. To start, we will be purchasing grain by the sack but eventually hope to have a super sac or silo. I have heard mixed things about Country Malt Group but haven't really spoken to brewers about other alternatives. Anyone have any malt/grain suppliers they can recommend. Any information is always appreciated!


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    BSG sells 2000 lbs+ sacks for grain from Weyermann. try contacting them. they have a werehouse in Atlanta.


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      Brewers Supply Group, Cargill, Country Malt, Muntons. Those are the big ones in the US, they all have different maltsters that they sell. I use BSG and CMG primarily, they do a good job. Both have hops and brewing aids as well.


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        Long time happy customer of Briess directly. Good shipping rates and direct from supplier pricing.
        Mike Pensinger
        General Manager/Brewmaster
        Parkway Brewing Company
        Salem, VA


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          Any of the above mentioned will do you fine. It is mainly a question of what do you want? For my needs/preferences I went with Country Malt; I like Great Western for base malts, I like Hugh Baird for Crystal and Roast, Best Malz had the specific degrees of Munich and Vienna I wanted... so they worked for me. I would just say get lists of the malts that each carry and see which one works best for your tastes.


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            As stated any of the above will do. Everyone carries different malsters. I order through BSG and country malt as both carry brands I like to use and neither carries both.
            In my experience the level of customer service tends to vary more with the particular warehouse and the shipper used than the supplier.