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Optimal mashing scheme for Avangard malts.

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  • Optimal mashing scheme for Avangard malts.

    Hi. I recently switched from an american brand of malt to Avangard since I hoped its supply would be more consistent. However, since I changed to this brand of malt all I'm getting are hazy beers which never clarify even after the secondary fermentation and cold crash. pH has been in the 5,3 - 5,5 range for the batches attempted, so don't think that is the culprit.

    It is disheartening considering I was getting consistently clear beers with the previous malt by using the single saccharification rest prior to mashout and lautering and don't find the root of the problem now. I'm considering to do a protein rest first although the reported Kolbach Index of 37 - 44 suggests malt is already well modified and I could be losing body and head retention.

    There aren't mashing guidelines from the malting company. Anyone can give me a lead on the best mashing technique for the Avangard Pilsen and Pale Ale malts to ensure beer clarity at the end?

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    Sounds silly, but have you checked your crush from your mill with the new malt. It's surprising how long fine flour particles can stay in suspension.


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      Mmm... I usually tend to err on the side of too coarse of a grind rather than too fine in order to prevent the mash from getting stuck, but now that you mention it the haze does look like the one that is gotten by adding flour to the boil for turbid wheat beers...
      How fine are suspended flour particles? Maybe if they are coarse enough I can implement a filter setup before the boil.