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Introducing the first Briess single-malt extracts

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  • Introducing the first Briess single-malt extracts

    CHILTON, WI —Briess has announced that it is introducing two new CBW® malt extracts to its portfolio, each produced from a single malt:
    • CBW® Goldpils Vienna malt extract (6º L at 8º Plato)
    • CBW® Pale Ale malt extract (6º L at 8º Plato)

    These single-malt extracts make converting from extract to all grain, or vice versa, easier. And it gives the creative brewer total liberty and control. Two popular CBWº malt extracts — CBWº Pilsen Light and CBW® Golden Light — are close behind this pair. But with 99% Briess Pilsen Malt and Briess Brewers Malt, respectively, and 1% Briess Carapils® Malt, these malt extracts can’t qualify for the “single malt” category.

    Briess Goldpils® Vienna characteristics
    This traditional German-style malt is characterized by malty flavor with hints of biscuit. When formulating with either the extract or whole kernel malt, brewers should keep in mind that Goldpils® Vienna Malt is less sweet than Pale Ale Malt, and contributes less color than Munich Malt.

    Briess Pale Ale characteristics
    Briess Pale Ale Malt has a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from other versions of this malt offered to American craft brewers. Briess maltsters designed it to be a fully modified, high extract, low protein malt, not just a darker Brewers Malt. This required developing a proprietary malting recipe that involves careful monitoring of the kiln drying cycle and specialized temperature rests. The result is a base malt with rich malt flavors and hints of biscuit and nuts.

    Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.,
    625 South Irish Road, PO Box 229,
    Chilton, WI 53014
    Toll Free: (800) 657-0806 | Tel: (920) 849-7711 | Fax: (920) 849-4277 |

    A division of Briess Industries, Inc.
    Introducing the first Briess single-malt extracts, page two
    CBW® stands for Concentrated Brewers Wort. These brewer’s grade malt extracts are brewed on a 500-
    bbl state-of-the-art brewhouse, the second largest in Wisconsin. They are unhopped and nondiastatic to
    offer brewers creative control. Briess CBW® malt extracts are gently vacuum evaporated to maintain
    their rich, full flavor and lessen color development, and produced using a multiple step infusion brewing
    process for high fermentability.

    These new styles bring to 11 the number of CBW® malt extracts offered by Briess:
    - CBW® Pilsen Light (2º L)
    - CBW® Bavarian Wheat (3º L)
    - CBW® Golden Light (4º L)
    - CBW® Goldpils® Vienna (6º L)
    - CBW® Pale Ale (6º L)
    - CBW® Munich (8º L)
    - CBW® Rye (9º L)
    - CBW® Sparkling Amber (10º L)
    - CBW® Porter (17º L)
    - CBW® Traditional Dark (30º L)
    - CBW® Special Dark (90º L)
    Homebrew shops and licensed breweries can purchase Briess products from an authorized distributor.
    Licensed breweries can also purchase Briess products direct. For more information visit or email
    Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
    Chilton, WI 53014
    T: (920) 849-7711
    F: (920) 849-4277
    Toll Free: 800-657-0806
    Order Fax: 800-888-6258