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Opening Rice Hulls

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  • Opening Rice Hulls

    How does one open a sack of rice hulls and get them into a storage container without it exploding everywhere?

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    it's not possible! But if you only need to use half a bag at a time, you can cut the paper down the middle and break the bale in half, and the paper will still hold the halves together until you cut it.
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      We put the bag on its side and pound the living S*@t out of it with a dead blow hammer till they are loose in the bag, basically have to beat on all 4 sides.

      Then you can open the bag and pour or scoop out what ya need.


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        I usually lift it above my grist case with the door open and the bag on its side, cut it around the circumference of the bag, and then make a latitudinal cut from the center toward one end and POP! that half of the bag will fall into my grist case with very little spillage!


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          Score the top of the rice hull back like you're scalping someone's head. Stick the rice hull bag into a large contractor's trash bag with the scored head on the bottom of the sack. Then, from inside the bag, cut upwards toward you until the rice hull bag "pops". Remove the rice hull bag and now you've got a trash bag full of hulls. easy.


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            Loosen it up first

            I'm in the "pound the living S*@t out of it" camp, but I've had some exploders using a mallet or hammer, so my technique is a little different.
            I pick the sack up over my head, holding it horizontally, and slam it back to the ground repeatedly. I aim for one of the long side corners, and then repeat all the way around until all 4 corners are softened. Then I jump on it, roll it around, etc, til the contents feel loose. Voila!