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  • Muntons light chocolate

    Anyone ever use Muntons light chocolate? I picked up some thinking it would be similar to pale chocolate (300L) from Fawcett (yes, I know they will not be exactly the same). TF Pale is a nice uniform light brown and the Muntons looks like they mixed two malts together one dark roasted malt and another malt around 250L. The taste is much more aggressive and a touch ashy compared to the nice subtle TF.

    I'm going to play with it, but I wanted to see if anyone else is currently using it wanted to give some feedback on it.


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    I've been using Muntons malts for a while. Some batches seem to have a more uniform look while other have a mixture of lighter and darker kernels. It's a good question whether this is due to their process, or because they're blending to achieve a target overall color.

    As you said, their dark grains have a lot of flavor and it's easy to go too bitter. Seems like the husks gets extracted no matter what so my best results are from milling their dark grain quite finely to get more of the desirable characteristics out of a smaller total amount.