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    Where can I find the mineral content of my local city water? This was I can deviate it to match water from anywhere in the world.



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    Water Analysis

    Your local water authority should be able to supply you with a typical water analysis at the very least. Some municipalities are lucky enough to have water authorities that will notify commercial users of changes to supply throughout the year as sources change.

    You should be able to find the number for your local water authority in your local phone book.


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      What if it was from a well? Where would you have it tested?


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        Most local water depts. are happy to give you a print-out of tests/monitoring and composition of whatever water sorce your using.A good water dept. will want to stay in touch with a local brewery, not just for the social beers, but as the brewer who works closely with thousands of gallons water, your one of the first persons to see any changes in the water's condition.


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          If your water department is not as nice as Mr. Hops water dept. is you can send an aspectic sample off to Siebel Institute of Tech. in Chicago. Here is the lab service note from their website:

          "Water Analysis_

          * Comprehensive Analysis. Includes color;_ odor; clarity;__ pH before and after boiling; solids; ignition loss and residue; free ammonia; nitrates; nitrites;free CO2; carbonates; chloride; sulfate; phosphate; silica; iron; calcium; magnesium; sodium; hardness; alkalinity;____ $298"_

          Try Mr. Hops route first though because it will only cost you a couple of pints.

          J. Boy
          Bottoms Up!


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            298$ sounds very much. In Sweden you can send your own well water to the same lab as the community do. Last time I paid about 70 $ for a complete micorbiological and chemical test with all minerals spec. They send you sterile sample bottles and you send them back with the sample. Just check so the water comes to the lab within 6 hours if you are interested in a good result.

            /Bjorn Falkeström


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              Water Analysis

              I concur with trying to get your local water authority to analyze the water for free. If this doesn't work look in the yellow pages for labs that do water analysis. You don't need everything listed on the Siebel analysis.

              You can buy some pH strips from an aquarium store for ballpark numbers to get started. You can also get a hardness test kit for about 10 bucks. I would recommend getting a basic mineral breakdown beyond this. Again, a local lab would likely be best. They might even work for beer if you're lucky.


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                Water testing

                I use JR Peters lab(check for the web page) for my greenhouse water testing. It costs about 70$. They will do a general test for you!
                Doug A Moller
                The Moller Brew House