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Weyermann Bohemian Floor Malt Sulfur/Vegetal/Grassy Flavors

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  • Weyermann Bohemian Floor Malt Sulfur/Vegetal/Grassy Flavors

    Has anyone brewed with Weyermann Bohemian Floor Malt as a base malt? I decided to do a batch of our Bohemian pils with the malt as a traditional version. I also used the floor malted light munich in this recipe. Just crash cooled a few days ago but so far I'm getting a strong aroma that we've thought to be DMS. Sort of corn, grass, perhaps cabbage plus the expected sulfur at this stage. We've incubated plates of this beer and it is negative for wild yeast or bacteria. We've brewed this beer dozens of times with standard German Pils malt with no issues with DMS or otherwise. We boil for 90 minutes and no issues with condensation drain or speed of transfer to fermenter.

    Is the Weyermann floor malt more susceptible to DMS or are these flavors expected and will they condition out during lagering? Ive tried calling, emailing, and Facebook(ing) Weyermann and the distributor (BSG) and have gotten no response.

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    I haven't had an issue with FMBP by Weyerman. It's a really nice malt and the uniqueness really provides a fun talking point. That being said, the issues present in your batch sound like a yeast issue. Do you happen to know the vitals of your yeast strain? How old is your brew too? The sulfur aroma will dissipate with time. Lucky for us a small amount of sulfur is actually considered to style. I'm on week 9 with my second turn of this recipe and would repeat this recipe again.

    Here's a cheat sheet for off flavors from BJCP.

    Rylan Ortiz
    Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery
    San Francisco, CA