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  • Moravian Grown Barley

    I'd very much like to brew a beer close to Pils Urquell (very small batches--i.e. homebrew size) but am having trouble finding a source for barley grown IN Moravia. I don't want to use domestic until I'm satisfied it's just as good. Does anyone know where someone could buy a bag, say 50 lbs. or less, of Moravian grown barley? Thanks.


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    Paddock Wood brewing Supplies in Canada
    St. Pat's in the USA (Texas)

    I believe both have web sites.

    Czech it out! (groan...)



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      Moravian Grown Barley

      I am not aware of anybody who supplies malt grown in Moravia. We do carry malt that is malted from a barley variety called Moravian however. When looking around make sure you are getting the former rather than the latter if the barley origin is your prime concern.


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        Further to my previous post:
        Hope this helps you guys out!

        paddock wood
        St Pat's of Texas

        (Czechoslovakia) Moravian Undermodified Budvar (39 PPG, 1-2 SRM)
        St. Pats of Texas has provided us with the Canadian exclusive on an extremely hard to obtain malt. Czechoslovakian Budvar Undermodified Pilsner malt is considered essential by connoisseurs wishing to brew Budejovicky Budvar (the original Budweiser). Careful attention to pH is essential. Not suited for single infusion mash systems. Decoction or slow ramp direct heat step mashing recommended.

        It is the only UNDERMODIFIED malt available to homebrewers and requires a multiple temperature mash. Budvar specifies the barley must come not only from Hana, the region of Moravia which DeClerck cites as the origin of the world's finest malting barley, but from a small area in Hana near the town of Olomouc.
        Moravian (Czech) malts have been considered the finest in the world for over 150 years. It is the incomparable flavour of Moravian malt that sets it apart.


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          St. Pat's in Austin has recently announced they are no longer going to supply grains, hops, and other recipe components. They are going to concentrate on equipment. See their website for more details. They still have some inventory left, but I think they are out of the Moravian malt.