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Burner for 1bbl kettle and MLT

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  • Burner for 1bbl kettle and MLT

    We are trying to find good burners for our 1bbl pilot system. We found something that would work from McMaster Carr, but the price was higher than we had anticipated. Wondering if someone could link what they are using or some good options? Thanks!

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    1BBL isn't too far off from large homebrew equipment. We fire a 1.5bbl with a Blichmann burner:

    All the beer brewing supplies a homebrewer needs. From brew kettle to beer keg, burner to immersion chiller, we've got your equipment.

    It'll bring our wort to boil in about 45 minutes to an hour, a little more than sparge time.

    Populuxe Brewing


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      Thanks Peter. I should have specified that I am looking for burner only, not stand, and preferably natural gas (which we are already plumbed for and use for our 10bbl) as opposed to propane.


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        We only use the burners, not the stand. The legs come off easy and we've mounted the burners onto our own stand. They can be converted to run natural gas as per the PDF above. We currently run them on propane but plan on converting to gas and use the 1.5bbl as our pilot after our 7bbl gets installed. The blichmann should still work for you.


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          I use NG jet burners. 32 tip or 36 I can't remember. I have them mounted on a crossbar that runs under the burners. The burner has a hole in the middle that I ran a screw through and with a nut on the top and bottom I could adjust the hight to where I need it. Click image for larger version

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            Nice, thanks all, this has been informative.