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Help! Tepid boil on 2bbl 440,000 propane burner

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  • Help! Tepid boil on 2bbl 440,000 propane burner

    I need some help if anyone could respond...

    I recently tried out my burner for the first time and it took between 90 minutes and 2 hours to get around 70 gallons to a boil, and when it did boil it was not rolling, just a low tepid boil. My thoughts are either the burner is too far away, i need a wind shield (this is outside) or my 440,000 btus is just not enough? I attached a pic for reference.. Click image for larger version

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    From the very little I can see, it looks like a jet burner. I thought those were meant for natural gas. Second, what is the propane supply, how big of a tank, diameter and length of pipe running to the burner, connection size to burner. 440,000b btu is how much can flow out of the burner but you need a large enough gas supply to reach that.


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      Assuming you have a burner with propane orifices, you could have problems with your burner system.
      The propane tank must be large enough to handle the propane demand, as the propane must evaporate in the tank, which takes heat transfer into the tank. If the propane tank is too small, it will turn into an ice block even in the summertime. Generally a 40 lb tank is the minimum.
      The propane tank valve can not be one with a triangular handle (that says OPD). Commercial tanks or 100 lb tanks come with other valves, whereas the 20, 30, 40 lb homeowner or camper tanks have OPD valves. There are restrictions inside the OPD that limit propane flow.
      The regulator should produce 10 psi. Some only produce 11 inches of water pressure, and these are insufficient.
      You may want to extend the metal pipe further away from the burner. That rubber hose feeding the burner may get a little HOT.


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        Definitely something wrong with the burner I would think. I can run my 10bbl kettle on a 400,000btu burner at 18% of full fire ~72,000 btu/h. As was said before, check your tank size and valves to make sure they can handle the demand, your hose size from the regulator to the burner is crucial, it needs to be sized to handle the flow with minimal pressure drop. A tiny hose at 10psi on one end could be less than 1psi at the other. Hopefully whoever you got the burner from also sold the proper regulator and connection setup, theres a bunch of engineering that goes into matching all the parts.


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          As mentioned above is there some sort of flow control valve beyond the propane tank? if your using an OPD valve the flow restriction ball in the valve will cut the flow of propane much like what happens when you leave a gas grill on before opening the propane tank valve and end up with a super weak flame.

          EDIT I see the yellow valve now. hopefully you have that closed when opening the propane valve and then slowly crack that valve to adjust the flame.
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            I doubt you can keep any portable LP tank warm enough to utilize a burner of that size. As the LP cools the pressure drops.