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Starting up a nano brewery - recommended equipment and advice?

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  • Starting up a nano brewery - recommended equipment and advice?

    I am in the works of starting a nano brewing in my small town (5,000 people) and I am a homebrewer. There is a need for a small brewery here and the community overall wants one. The closest one is about 40 miles away. I'm considering investing in the new Spike nano 1 bbl system but do not know if it will be enough to keep up with demand. I'd like four flagships always available and two to three seasonals. Also, if I went with the 1 bbl how many fermenter tanks would you recommend? I have been looking at the to keep up with demand? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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    You might want to consider a little larger system. At least 2 bbl or 3 bbl system. Any brewery that I have ever dealt with that started out with a 1 bbl system quickly realized they started out to small. Last thing you want to do is run out of beer or needing to brew 7 days a week just to keep up on top of running the business and possibly still maintaining a full time job. Check out All of the equipment is built in house in Michigan with US stainless. No Chinese tanks.
    Chris Breimayer
    Psycho Brew LLC


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      I will agree with Chris here. Even in a small town, a 1 bbl system is going to be outgrown very quickly. starting at a minimum size of 3 bbl is what I would recommend (going into 2-3 7 bbl fermenters), 5bbl, if you can afford it, (going into 2 10 bbl FV's). This will allow you to brew a couple of times a month more efficiently. It really depends on your space, budget, and expected sales though. It will also depend on what you'd like to brew (ales, lagers, other?).

      Feel free to reach out for help in your business and equipment planning! Plato Brewing and Consulting specializes in helping start up's like yourself get the right equipment and ensure you will open up and achieve profitability.

      Derek Wasak
      Plato Brewing and Consulting Inc.