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  • Hey East Coast Nanos!

    Hey guys/gals!

    My name is Jason. I am currently slowly accumulating the materials/knowledge for a nanobrewery up in Nova Scotia (planned opening 2016-2017). I am heading down to Massachusetts next week to pick up a couple of pieces of equipment. It's also a bit of an end of summer road trip/vacation, so I am going to take week or so and wind my way down and up through Maine, New Hampshire, etc. (and can swing to Vermont or NY, as well) exploring scenery and beer. I'd love to pop in and take a look at some currently operating systems/talk beer/drink beer with folks who are farther along than me.

    I've put a few years into costing and planning, but am extremely open to redirection based on other's real world experience. The current plan is a cobbled together 140 gallon electric system, probably double batched into 240 gallon unitanks. (I've also explored the plastic conical idea, with keg carbonation, and would be interested in talking with some folks who've made plastics work--or failed at it.) The sales plan is strictly retail: growlers, one off bottle-carbonated bombers, and a possible taproom. With the relatively high liquor prices in my region (e.g., average retail on craft bombers/6 packs/growlers is $5.5/$13.5/$15, respectively), this is more feasible than in some other jurisdictions, but I still want to gather as much knowledge of the perils and pitfalls (as well as successes) as I can on this scale before cementing a business plan.

    I'd be particularly interested in talking to anyone who is either operating or upgraded from a 7 bbl or smaller system, especially low initial investment 'frankenbrew'-style systems.

    I am a pretty friendly chap, a geology instructor by profession, and will come with NS microbrew in hand (and a cute chemistry PhD at my side).

    Drop me a PM if you would be cool with me swinging by or if you know of a brewery I should really visit.



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    We run a 1.5bbl nano in Danielson, CT (Black Pond Brews) not sure if CT is too far out for you. We carbonate in kegs but are smaller than you propose and have a 100% frankenbrew system including plastic conicals.
    Our friends at Bentley operate a 10bbl in Southbridge, MA which isn't too far from us. They started as home brewers and jumped from 10 gal to 10 bbl with a few missed batches before dialing it in a bit better. Those who have smelled the stench of failure and figured it out how to brew well can provide a ton of insight.