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Valve Tree for Nano System

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  • Valve Tree for Nano System

    I'm wanting to set up a valve tree for my 1BBL brewing system so that I don't have to constantly connect/disconnect hoses and get wort and water all over my floor. However, I don't have a stainless steel bench or frame like many people do for their set ups but am using 3 x stainess steel pedestals like these:

    I have two questions:

    1) What considerations should I make when setting up a valve tree and hard piping (using triclamp spools)? I've often looked at other people's set ups but am finding it hard to visualise what is running and connected to where.

    2) Is there a way of doing this while using a pedestal set up as I can't really attach pumps to the pedestals.

    Any diagrams and photos are always welcomed.

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    Personally, I wouldn't bother. Excessive cost for the size of kit, and extreme difficulty keeping everything properly clean and sterile unless you strip everything down, manually brush out and then probably soak in a sterilant soak bath. Hoses and just outlet valves - simple to use and clean. If you have one inch pipe - you really need a flow of around 2900 litres / hour. Get a trip round somewhere like Sentinel brewery / bar if you want to see a simple pipework setup.