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Single-walled Conical Woes

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  • Single-walled Conical Woes

    So we recently began production and we're using Stout conicals... We have a 3 and a 2 BBL. I have a 2 BBL batch of beer fermenting as we speak, however, I can't seem to get the temp down to where I'd like to see it. Currently it's sitting at 72 and I'd like to get down to 68. However, with a single-walled fermenter, you can see how it would be difficult. Current ambient temp is hovering around 61-63. What are some of the other nanos doing in this situation? Looking into getting a cooling coil welded into the lid, but I need a temporary fix for now.
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    Ideally get them insulated properly using expanded polystyrene or the hard foam used for insulating roofs, walls etc. (polyacrylate resin foam?), including the bases of the vessels and then wrapped in plastic sheet to make waterproof and then clad in fibreglass or stainless sheet (or wood strip, though this will be harder to maintain, and risks getting wet through). Ideally get a professional to do them so you have a guarantee against water ingress and of thermal insulation. Typically a couple of inches thick, though many cope with 1" only.

    Cheap and cheerful options - a few layers of bubble wrap or foam sheeting of the type used for wooden floor underlay. Or fibreglass or mineral wool used for roof / wall insulation - but again these need to be well sealed with plastic to prevent water ingress.

    Get any of these from your local DIY store if doing them yourself.


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      A number of people seem to be having luck with actively externally cooling using an air conditioner in a dedicated, insulated space, controlled by a thermowell in the fermenter.


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        Ah. I think I have misunderstood your problem. We have used beer dispense cooler packs and recirculated cooled water of glycol (or whatever the coolant is) through copper coils lowered into the fermenting wort. As mentioned by NS_Nano - a thermostat system to control the recirculation is advisable.

        Hopefully, I have understood the original question correctly this time.